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    This part of the site is all about The Railway.

    Here you will find some of the more fascinating aspects of Isle of Wight Steam Railway. 

    We have a whole team of volunteers and staff that help keep the railway running on a day to day basis. Although volunteers run much of our line we have to maintain the same standard of safety as the national railways, and are similarly monitored by the Railway Inspectorate. All of our safety critical staff have undertaken lengthy training and all are monitored to ensure that standards are maintained.
    Railway 1
    Railway 2
    Five miles of Steam Railway are all that remain from a line that expanded 55 miles across the the rural parts of the Isle of Wight. Travel back in time to find when it all began with the first line opening in 1862.

    We also have a fountain of knowledge about our Locomotives, Carriages and Wagons. Our fleet is maintained at the workshop in Havenstreet where you can see some of the restoration work in action.