• Ivatts at Havenstreet painting

  • A scene from the future!  Our two Ivatt tank locomotives at Havenstreet Station.  
    Painting by Matthew Cousins.


    41313 is an example of the Class 2 2-6-2 tank locomotive designed by George Ivatt and was built at Crewe in 1952. She spent her entire working life in the south of England, mostly in Kent, Sussex and Devon and was withdrawn in 1965 after just thirteen years in service.

    After nine years rusting at Woodhams scrap yard in Barry 41313 was purchased by the Ivatt Trust and moved to the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre at Quainton Road. It was initially intended that 41313 would act as a source of spare parts for sister engine 41298, also owned by the Trust but was eventually decided that the engine should be restored to working order, the trustees choosing the Isle of Wight Steam Railway as a suitable location for their locomotives' future operation. 41313 was moved to Havenstreet in August 2006 where some conservation work was carried out before she was placed in store pending overhaul.

    In February 2015 the locomotive was sent to the Cranmore workshops of the East Somerset Railway to complete her restoration which is expected to take two years, providing the finance can be found.  Progress on 41313’s restoration can be seen here on the ESR’s website.
    41313 awaiting restoration at Havenstreet
    41313 awaiting restoration at Havenstreet.

    The Future

    In the 1960’s British Railways planned to bring a number of locomotives almost identical to 41313 to the Isle of Wight to replace the aging O2 class which had run services for the previous forty years.  The subsequent closure of most of the lines and the electrification of what remained meant this never happened but the presence of 41313 and her sister 41298 on the Isle of Wight Steam Railway is a fascinating illustration of how things might have been.

    The plan is for the two Ivatt locomotives to become the ‘workhorses’ of the railway, thus prolonging the life of our historic ‘Island’ locomotives and giving us sufficient motive power for our current needs and any future extension to Ryde.

    The restoration of 41313 will cost £145,000*.  We are fortunate in that we have been able to source £100,000 of the total, mainly from a very generous legacy, but urgently need to raise the remaining £45,000 to complete the restoration.  The locomotive is essential to the railway’s future and will provide a new dimension to our operations.

    * Now revised.

    JANUARY 2017

    During Summer 2016, as so often happens with locomotive restoration, it was discovered that further work is necessary beyond that which was originally anticipated and the Railway now needs £70,000 to complete this restoration.

    Thanks to everyone who sold tickets for our annual draw. This draw generated £6,500 for the appeal when donations sent in with ticket sales were included.  The lucky winners were as follows:

    First Prize: Mrs J M Crockford of Newbury, Berkshire
    Second Prize: Mrs S Neil of Portsmouth
    Third Prize: Mr D Deadman of Belvedere, Kent
    Fourth Prize: Mr David Eva or Torpoint, Cornwall

    At the end of December, the total raised stood at £58,500 which means we are edging ever closer to our reviewed target of £70,000.  

    Thanks to all of you who have helped!  If anyone would like to make a further contribution, online donations can be made here.

    Progress on 41313 can be seen on the ESR website here.

    Please help to bring this wonderful locomotive back into steam.  You can donate here and download our appeal leaflet here.


    41313 at Steyning in 1964
    41313 at Steyning in 1964.  Photograph by David Ward.